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I will agree with you here darker

  • Other than cheaters/netcode/etc, hard wired will be fixed by release issues, Damage scaling should be closer to defense-scale scaling Dark And Darker Gold. In the moment, damage is exponential, quadratic and inconsistent.

    Armor and health do not reach levels that are high enough to justify the extent of amount of damage can be. This creates huge disparities in basic classes.

    Rogues and wizards are not able to kill mobs and barbarians can 1 tap real players. To large a gap.

    Certainly a great incite here.

    There's definitely some good incite in this article, my friend. However, there is plenty of information that you may have missed. It will take some time to break this into sections and then debate more specific issues. Therefore, I will only address my ideas as a whole that are based on wizard and rogue as the topics you'll most often discuss.

    You've highlighted some details about wizards that are factual. However, I also can tell that you don't have a lot of experience with the wizard. Chain lightning is more then than a viable. In a aoe perspective. It only jumps X number of enemies. The enemies that are jumped are closer to each other than. They don't strike you. It's dependent on the situation.

    I will agree with you here. In pvp, chain lightning is only used when you're running out of fireballs. Any spell can be used for pve even more than pvp. This is part of charisma and power of the wizard. Understanding when to use things and when to not make use of it is a part of the wizard's skill Dark And Darker Gold for sale. People love to corner on a hump to win in this game.